Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CP's no shopping challenge

I've joined the Frugal is Fabulous challenge (read about it here ), as no shopping for a month is one of my mission 101 missions. And to be honest, it is quite a challenge, so I need all the support I can get.

So, together with the no shopping for at least a month, I will not use my credit card either. Most of the things I buy with my creditcard are things for myself, so I hope this will work out. And, to make this even harder for myself, this also means that we will not have take out for a month. I need to lose weight too, and we're just too lazy at times and get take out at least once a week, if not more. Of course I hope that I will keep up the challenge longer than a month, so I've decided to make a pledge:

From June 23rd to July 22nd I will not use my creditcard for shopping. I also will not buy things such as handbags, shoes, make up (only the replacements), magazines, clothes, books, music or dvds. I will not spend my birthday money before July 22nd.

If the month is over and I feel comfortable enough, I will try to lengthen it with another month and so on.

Things that I can spend money on are:
  • Birthday presents
  • Hairdresser (if necessary)
  • Personal hygiene
I've already got some outings planned for this month (like dinners & movies), so I will get myself a monthly ticket to the theatre so I will actually save money instead of buying a seperate movie ticket every time I go. Of course I will bring my own food to the theatre because prices there are insane.

The thing I really want to do this month, is to find out why we spend so much money a week on groceries, to see where we can save money. Because our spendings on groceries is just outrageous. I will use my budgeting pages in my A5 filofax for that.

My biggest trap is at work, because the summer holidays are coming, work is getting slower. Working 9 hours a day with not much to do means I spend my days surfing the web. I have spend a LOT of money doing that, so my focus will now be at doing my online grammar course and clean up our database (do some actual work). On days that I'm alone in the office, I have my Kindle with me, plus my novel, so I can read and do some editing and writing.

Do you have any more tips for me to help me with not spending any money this month? Are you going to participate in this challenge?


  1. I think your plan to do an online grammar course and clean the database will keep you busy so you dont get bored and just surf the web. having the Kindle and/ or a novel is great too! What you can also do is unsubscribe from any mailing lists for your favourite online retailers. Or get the emails sent to a separate account that you don't check that often. I use my hotmail account for that which I rarely check so I don't get tempted.

  2. I'm recently in the process of unsubscribing from everywhere, so that's a start!

    Almost a week and I've been doing rather well!