Friday, June 10, 2011

Mission 101 update

First off, I'm going to try and keep this blog in English (though once in a while there will be a Dutch blog).

I've been doing mission 101 for a while now (started September 2010), and I've completed 19 goals, failed 6, and now have to find 5 new goals as I quit college).

Here's my complete list, and you can see my progress on it as well. Now that I've quit college, I think my book and movie number will go up as I've got more free time. I plan on picking up sewing and knitting in the next couple of months as well.

At the moment I'm still struggling with what to do with my time, and I find it weird that I don't have to work that hard any longer. I may start with a course at some point again, just for something to do, but for now, I'll just read a lot and start with organising our home.

For June I've planned the following goals:
  • Write a list of 10 accomplishments.
  • Define 25 things I like about myself. 
  • 1 day without Twitter.
  • A day in my life. 
I also want to update this blog more often and start sewing. I've already done my paperwork. M and I are having a date night next weekend because it's our 2 year anniversary.

As CP has decided to go on a shopping ban, I've decided to try my "no shopping for a month" and "no credit card for a month" goals for July. I've asked M to support me and I hope I can cross this off my list soon!

I will do a books & movies post soon. For now, my question for you, readers, is what should I do with those last 5 goals?

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