Friday, July 22, 2011

The last week of the no-shopping challenge

This week was the last week of the no shopping challenge.

I have failed the challenge. On Friday I bought two skirts, they were €12,50 total. I was not going to buy clothes, but since I'm feeling too selfconcious about my body, these were a great way to feel more secure about myself. I don't regret buying them.

I also promised not to spend my birthday money. Mum and dad were going to give me a watch, but since it was more expensive than they anticipated, I said I would pay the rest myself. I did and so I ended up spending most of my birthday money. I haven't felt guilty about this purchase for one second, because it's an investment. So yes, I spend more than I budgeted, but in the end it will be worth it because this watch will last. Plus, the jeweller gave me free batteries for life for this watch!

I don't feel like I failed, because the whole purpose for me was to be more conscious of how I spend my money. I have changed my mindset about things. I don't need a new Filofax because the one I have is amazing and all I ever want and need. I don't need new bags, because I have enough bags and I love the two Marc Jacobs bags I have. I don't always need to buy new clothes, just because they're cheap. I buy new clothes because I need them, or because I know they will serve their purpose, because they're making me feel better about myself. When I see something I like, I walk out of the store, walk around for a bit, think about it and then decide if I want it. Most of the times, I don't want it in the end. I have saved more money this month than I normally would have, so I think I've reached my goal.

In the meantime, my DF has also changed his mindset, we now both shop less online. We have both thought about our phonebill and instead of paying €40 each, we now pay €20 each. I have cancelled my daily newspaper, because I rarely have time to read it. This saves me €50 per three months. Mum and I both have our regional paper which comes out once a week.  From the new year on (because we couldn't cancel it sooner than that), we're splitting the costs and getting one paper. I will read it first, then give it to mum. Saves me again.

I'm going to keep thinking about my spendings, and the no-shopping challenge certainly doesn't stop after this month. It will be different, though. It's not the no-shopping challenge anymore, but the "shop less, get more" challenge. Shop less, but get more out of the things you buy.

How do you feel about the no-shopping challenge? Do you think you will continue this for longer than you anticipated?

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