Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 1 of the no-shopping-challenge

Week 1 of my no-shopping challenge went surprisingly well. I bought myself fried fish for lunch on Monday (a treat, because I love it, but never buy it for myself and normally I bring my own lunch) for €3.50.

The rest of the week I managed not to spend money (apart from groceries), until Saturday. I bought myself an unlimited pass to the movie theatre, which means that I can go to the movies unlimited for €18 a month, instead of €11 a ticket. I've planned 3 trips this month, so I'm actually saving money.

Saturday was also the Philofaxy meet up, but luckily we didn't go shopping (we had too much to talk about!), so I only spend money on lunch and drinks, which wasn't much (€12).

Since I'm doing surprisingly well, I may extend the challenge to another month. I really want to save money for our holiday in September, plus I don't really need new clothes since I'm trying to lose weight.

When it comes to spending less on the regular things, I've taken some money saving steps.

First I had to renew my phone contract, and since I don't want a new phone, I could get my contract 50% cheaper for a year. This saves me €20 a month.

I have cancelled my second creditcard. This doesn't really save me money, because I already had it set up that I would pay off everything every month. But it gives me less opportunities to spend money.

My paypal account is now set up the way that it will withdrawl money from my bank account instead of my creditcard when I spend money. So if I don't have money, I can't use paypal.

I have quit college, which means not spending €160 a month. This is not a money saving thing, but a decision that was hard to make.

I have cancelled most of my subscriptions. This will save me €77 a year. I still have to cancel my newspaper, which will save me €50 for three months.

Do you have any money-saving tips? What have you done to save money?


  1. Obviously you cannot go a month without not spending money at all, you need food etc. But sounds like you're doing a great job. Think esp if you cancel out the online shopping ;)
    I hardly have top tips for saving money. They only way I 'save' something is with the AH 'spaarzegels', hahahaha

  2. Haha yeah online shopping is the hardest. Though I did surf the websites, but just wasn't motivated to actually get stuff. Which is great! Let's see how long I can keep up with this.