Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 2 of the no-shopping challenge

Week 2 was hard. The not-shopping part was easy, because I had only a few cents in my bank account. Of course I have cash in my wallet, but that's only for emergencies. This week I have spend another €3,50 on lunch. I got a cup of Starbucks coffee, because it just opened in the city where I live, I thought I'd treat myself. But I bought that from our joint account, because my DF was with me and also wanted something to drink! Ha, so nothing from my personal budget.

I did however use my creditcard. My Flickr account was about to expire and I had to renew it. I made the transaction and then I thought "Oh, no!". But I'm glad I did renew my Flickr account as I use it almost every week. So I will have to start again with that part of the challenge.

This week is my birthday, and I promised I wouldn't spend my birthday money. My parents won't actually give me money, they're giving me a new watch. My work is giving me gift vouchers, which is fabulous. I won't spend them this month, saving them for when I've decided on a treat.

I have been visiting shopping websites, but with the dieting challenge in my mind, I managed not to spend any money because I want to buy something special when I've lost weight. It's just no use spending money on clothes when I want to lose weight.

On household spendings: we're both more aware on what we spend. Friday was our weekly shopping trip and with everything we wanted to buy we thought "do we really need this?" and when we didn't, we just didn't buy it. We get our weekly folders on Sunday and so I was going through the special offers and normally I write down a lot. This week there were only 5 or 6 things that we really needed, and the other stuff we just won't buy. Our store cupboard now only holds stuff we actually use and before I start with mealplanning for the upcoming week, I go through our store cupboard and freezer to see what we can use for that week.

My dad spend his Saturday on the flea market, to sell stuff, and because I had been decluttering, he had a lot of stuff from me. And so when I checked my bank account yesterday, I found out he had transferred €40! That was a pleasant surprise. That will go straight to my savingsaccount.
So, I think, all in all I'm doing better than expected and will try to extend this challenge for another month, especially not using my creditcard.

When reading the blogs I follow, I also came across this entry on tumblr. Fits the whole frugal is fabulous trend!

How are you doing with your no-shopping challenge? Have you been succesful so far?

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