Thursday, August 4, 2011

Webfavorites this week

Here are this week's webfavorites.
Taysa has written several blog posts about her debt free journey . With the whole Frugal is Fabulous journey, this is a really good read.

Weight Loss journey Amy has tips for losing weight, which is always good to read. Her blog looks so cute!

Erin of Unclutterer has some interesting things mentioned in this post. Not only establishing routines but also "in case of" which is not a subject you would want to think about, but a very important subject afterall. Those who FLY know the jist of this. I will do a FLY-lady post at some point (it's on my to blog list!).

Amy from Just a titch has written a post about what's in her fridge. Fabulous post! I may do one soon, that's the only thing I loved from Mtv's Cribs, hearing what's in other people's fridge!

Gala Darling has written a fab guide to making your period suck less.

Marcia from Organising Queen writes about a master to do list. This is something I do once in a while when my head is overflowing. I love writing down everything on a master to do list in my filofax and then sort out the things I really need to do, to the things that I wanna do once when I'm in the mood.

Sarah Von has an amazing post about the non-niche blogger. Thanks, Sarah, because I am one too!

I always love reading about other people's filofax's, so I would recommend keeping an eye on Philofaxy for their webfinds!

Do you have any links you'd like to share? Post them in the comments and I'll feature them next time!

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