Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Webfavorites this week

This week's webfinds are a bit late, as I was enjoying a small break. I went to see Jamie Cullum in Brussels (review of both coming)! I hope you enjoy this week's webfavorites!

Kyla has written a great post about ethical image sourcing. Especially when you're new to the blogging world, I suggest reading this post.

Lady Smaggle has a guest post up on her blog, where Amy from Just a Titch (love her too), has written about how to deal with disappointment in yourself. When I quit college, I certainly was disappointed in myself and had a hard time adjusting. Now I'm finally finding my groove and love the fact that my work doesn't always comes first.

One of my favorite bloggers, Gala Darling, has written a post about whether Bloggers should be thin. Aren't we writers, artists etc, not models? I totally agree with Gala. Blogging in the first place is about sharing what you love, whether that's fashion, food, books, movies or other things. Bloggers are now turning into style icons and the like. I'm interested in the discussion that this article evokes.

Philofaxy (one of my favorite websites to visit), has a guest post by Jotje, how she manages her life in a (gorgeous!) pocket Malden in Vintage Pink. I'm amazed. At times I find my personal Malden too small. How she manages her life in a Pocket, I am slightly jealous!

Another fabulous post by Amy from Just a Titch, about her self-perception. It sounds so familiar!

Shannon from the Simply Luxurious Life has written a post about credit cards. When you're doing the Frugal is Fabulous challenge, this may be a good read (even if you're not I'd really recommend it!).

If you have any questions for Gala Darling about Radical Self Love, now is the time!

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