Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Webfavorites this week

Here are my favorite articles found around the web this week!

Kisses & Chaos has an honest article about 5 top secret things you need to know about marriage. Not only when you're just a newlywed but also recognisable when you're in a relationship.

Sarah Wilson (yes from Masterchef Australia!) has some great travel tips (especially when you travel a lot). Some things are really useful!

Lifehacker and The Simply Luxurious Life both have articles about surviving work. Pretty interesting.

Yes and Yes has two interesting articles, one about making money blogging (oh how I wish!) and one about a stay at home dad.

The Well-Appointed Desk has the cutest travelling notebook.

Kisses & Chaos also have a must read article about Depression. I suffer from depressions and I can tell you, it's hard for others to understand.

For our Frugal is Fabulous friends, this huge post from College Crunch may help you with your challenge (and for those not doing the challenge, it's a good read, too). I'm still reading the articles. This post is a year old, so remember that when you read the links.

Lifehack has an interesting article of 60 ways to improve your life in 100 days. There are some useful tips there!

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