Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mission 101 update

As you may have seen, I've added a new page to my blog, mission 101. Here you will find the master list, plus updated with what I've done (or failed), just to make it a little bit easier.

Since my last post, I've done quite a bit:

I've travelled to Brussels - goal no 82. Travel to a city I've never been to.

I've read a huge number of books while on holiday (9 in total!), so that's been added to my 150 books. Still not there, yet, but making good progress. I still need to read quite a bit to reach my goal of 50 books a year. And I still have only 3.5 months to go! Need to get going!

Goal 24. Spend a day on the beach, was done on holiday as well, as we went to the beach. I also came to the conclusion that I hate sand. Really hate sand. UGH.

Another one on holiday: Goal 32. Not use the tv for a day. We did have a tv in our room, but I was never tempted. Even though there were Dutch channels.

I have started knitting again, goal 80. I'm currently knitting a blanket. I will also hopefully start sewing class in November, that will fix goal 61.

Of course, with that holiday (which was 10 days of sweet, warm weather with NOTHING planned), I also reached goal 87. Plan a vacation with M that's longer than 4 days. We're back in the holiday business, because we're already thinking of our next holiday. Where to? I still have Rome & New York on my mission 101 list, so maybe that!

I sold my Macbook to my mother, so sadly I failed 98. Buy a new battery for my MacBook.

So there's my update! I hope to do some more reading and movie watching the coming 1.5 week that I still have left of my holiday. With our movie pass, I reckon the movie goal will be easier to reach.

To those doing mission 101, what have you been crossing of your list the past month?

And to those that aren't familiair with the concept, you can read about it, here. Are you planning to start?

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