Saturday, September 17, 2011

Webfavorites this week

I had a ton of posts to go through, but just added the best ones for you in a short webfavorites post. Keep an eye on my blog, because there will be lots more other posts coming! 

Gala Darling wrote a fabulous article about her wedding. Loved reading this and loved looking at the photos.

Found on the Well-Appointed-Desk but certainly a must have for a traveller, the Moleskine Luggage tag. I mean, look at that pink!

For those doing the Frugal is Fabulous challenge, Amy from Just a Titch wrote a blog on money and priorities.

Sara Wilson has compiled a post on how to make today better. Wonderful and happy read!

The Radical Self Love Manifesto, plus print out version! I will print this out and put it up on the bathroom door!

Another one from Amy, about your intentions for the week. I will give this a try, because it really looks helpful.

Do you have any blogs you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments!

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