Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Webfavorites this week

Here are my webfavorites for this week!

The Simply Luxurious Life has written a fabulous post about cultivating good habits and one on being productive

Amy from Just a Titch has written a great post for newly bloggers like me. There is no pressure! Yay!

Erica from A Tiny Rocket posted another interesting blog about newly bloggers. Things she wish she knew when she started blogging.

Sarah Wilson has written an interesting post about what nutritiens order at a food court. Love this, and one even ordered at MacD's!

Pug loves biscuit has written 25 life lessons in 25 years.

More wise lessons from Sui, ways to love your body.

Wow! Dena lost 70lbs in two years, just by being happy!


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