Monday, October 10, 2011

Philofaxy All Stars, guest post by Cat: What's in my Filofax?

I asked Cat from Cat's corner to do a blogpost about what's in her filofax and she kindly obliged! Hope you enjoy this post!
Firstly, apologies for sharing a Filofax that is no longer in production (why Filofax, why??!), but I hope you will enjoy a sneak peek into how I use my work planner and what lives inside...

So the binder itself is a beautiful black moc-croc leather Balmoral in A5, which I bought back in 2003 when I started working as a freelance photographer.  I later had a change of career direction when I discovered marketing in 2006 and went back to night school to re-qualify.  At that point, my Filofax went into hyperdrive, as I was suddenly using it for work and study – I stuffed it full of tabs and I’m afraid to say, I’ve been using that many ever since!
Now you’ll hate me for this, but our local department store closed down not long after I bought the Balmoral and sold off all their final clearance stock at something like 90% off, which meant I picked up nearly their entire stock of A5 Filofax inserts for next to nothing – this is why I have soooo many bookmarks in use at once!!  Other than diary inserts, the only thing I’ve bought since is an A5 hole punch, as I was getting through so much note paper – now I make my own using regular or coloured office paper. 
I also use my favourite pen, a Mont Blanc rollerball, which was a gift from my hubby and a Cath Kidston pencil, which was a gift from a friend.
Anyway, let’s take a look at what’s inside...

I have a busy job as a Marketing Manager and this Filofax comes everywhere I go at work, to meetings, training, supplier visits - wherever I am basically!  I recently found it would be useful to have a calculator with me and started to look into getting a Filofax one, but I didn’t like the style (or the price), so I settled for a cute Casio, which fits perfectly in the front pocket.  Also in the front sections are Filofax memo slips, some post-it flags and business cards.  In the big pocket I keep any recent direct mail pieces I might want to share in a meeting.  There’s also a back pocket, which used to hold a notepad, but now I use it to store any papers I might pick up in meetings, to file later on.

Diary wise, I’ve tried lots of formats, but I really like the week on two pages column format.  I use it to block out meetings (in green), add social events (yellow) and then I use the other lines to write out my to-do list for the day.  This keeps me very organised, as I can plan out the week early on and make sure there’s a time slot to get things done.

I use two sets of tabs marked out for each area of my job – as you can see, I’ve marked and re-marked them several times over the years, it’s probably time for a new set!  I have a few bookmarks, which sit in the sections I most visit, or mark projects I’m currently working on.

In the back I also have business card sheets to store key supplier info and hole-punched in the front is a tube planner to help me plan for any events I need to attend in London.

It’s a lot of stuff to lug around with me, but after eight years of perfecting how I use it, I certainly wouldn’t give it up in a hurry!!
Read more about my vast range of Filofaxes (along with all the other uses and excuses I’ve found to buy them!) on my blog.
Thanks Femke for this opportunity, I hope your readers find it interesting, Cat x
Thanks Cat for this amazing post! 


  1. I seriously LOVE that Filofax, I've never seen it before, it's a beaut.

  2. This one is sooo beautiful :o)) I got me one on ebay now-and I am sooooo in love!!It is almost new (including a calender from 2003...),BUT it has a big pocket,like a wallet(like the Chameleon pocket,or Malden pocket)from right to left - and bigger rings!Surprise,surprise!!!