Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Philofaxy All Stars, guest post by Imy: What's in my filofax?

I have another guest post for you this week, coming from the lovely Imy, about what's in her filofax! I love looking at other people's filofaxes! Hope you enjoy!

As part of the Philofaxy All Stars, I was asked by Femke to do a What’s in my Filofax post, so I decided to do it on my lovely beautiful Personal Crimson Malden!

This picture makes it look such a lovely shad of red, a lot brighter than it actually is!

Inside the first thing you notice is some artwork by my mum which she made to make me feel happy, and it really works!

Then in the long pocket you see I have a Subway voucher, 2011/2012 Tax Tables and a London Underground map!

On the other side of the card is a picture of my cat Jess and also all the stickers I have collected, like Mulberry.

The diary I have been using in this Filofax is the 2 Days to a Page, its such a great layout as you can see far enough ahead but still have PLENTY of room!

Now I have all my tabs they are as follows: -


The planning tab is for me to plan future blog posts and other similar things.

The loves tab was supposed to be for me to write down the different things I love, like website addresses, youtubers etc to kind of be like a bookmark section, but it never worked out as such :-(

Lists it really obvious, its just where I write my millions upon millions of lists and they go on FOREVER!!! Hehe I love to list and list!

Information I used for all sorts of different things, when bills were due and also addresses, I wrote all the HM Revenue and Customs addresses for work just in case! Sad I know!

Then the last section is Money I had this for putting receipts and things in and also recording my spending which didn’t last too long it was so hard to remember I think I ended up going for 5 or so weeks! So I'm just going to do it on trips away etc…

Then at the back I have some business cards and also some receipts!

And my tube map, very important, yes I have TWO!!!

So that’s whats in my Filofax I hope you enjoyed it and if you want to see more check out my blog, imysworld!!!

Thank you Femke for letting me do this post!!!

Thanks Imy for such a detailed post!

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