Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mission 101 Update

As you can see on my Mission 101 page, I have updated the list a bit.

Since the last update I have finished:

50. Do ADIML 5 times.
58. Stick to using my filofax for a year
59. Keep a mood journal for a year
60. Keep a migraine journal for a year
61. Start sewing
84. Get a professional massage
99. Keep a book journal for a year
That makes 37 completed or failed goals of the 101 in a year! Quite proud of myself.

I've read 59 books out of 150 and have seen 154 movies out of 450. Need to work on that! Especially the movies. 

I'm hoping to finish my tattoo in November (although finish.. I'm getting a new one to compliment the other). I will also be starting my own business in the next few months (keep an eye out for news), so with that, I may buy my own domain as well.

The lists so far:
I've identified 41 things out of a 100 things that make me happy.
I've come up with 17 things out of 25 things I like about myself.
I've written down 3 things out of 10 accomplishments
I have been to 3 out of 5 museums.
I've gone 5 days without twitter of the 7 days planned.

Still got lots of work to do, and I finish on June 11, 2013.

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