Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Book review: Meet me at the cupcake cafe - Jenny Colgan

I recently finished this book and let me tell you, I loved it!

The book is about a cute (at least that's what I imagined her to be) woman, Issy, who works in real estate and one day she gets laid off. Her grandfather is a baker and he has taught her to bake. She always loved to bake and now she's been laid off, she decides to take her chance and open a cupcake cafe.

There are fabulous recipes in the book, and it's so funnily written that at times I couldn't help but smile. As I'm also doing other things next to my job, I found this book inspiring and since I also love to bake, the title alone attracked me to the book. Apart from Issy, my two favorite characters were Austin and Gramps, although Helena has won a place in my heart too.

The book is about following your heart and your dreams, and that life is truly about what you make of it, plus it's got delicious cupcakes and a love story, so what more could a girl want in a book? I certainly will be reading this more than once.

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