Saturday, January 14, 2012

Frugal is fabulous update

Well, I'm ashamed to admit the first week didn't quite go as planned.

I spend some money on stationary, I bought a LOT of clothes (I blame the bogof sale) and a pair of boots. I don't even wanna share how much money I spend because it was so embarrassing, haha.

But, after that "slight" hitch, I've been doing fairly well. The second week I hardly spend a penny. I went to a museum with two friends on Saturday and even though I thought the shop had amazing things, I didn't buy anything! We did go to Starbucks, but I haven't had Starbucks for absolute ages.

We're starting to plan our wedding, so I expect I won't be as frugal as I hope to be the coming weeks, but that's from our joint account, so I hope I can save some money myself, plus I need to keep myself on our wedding budget, so that's going to be hard as well!

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