Sunday, January 8, 2012

Product Review: Plan D Paris Planner

I am addicted to cute stationary, and this Dutch website, Studio Stationary, is just awful for my wallet ;-) When I received their mail about the new planners, I hopped on the website and immediately ordered the Paris Planner. Sadly, pink was sold out, but I got the aqua and it's just as gorgeous!

This is the front of the planner.

And the back:

First page:

It starts with a year preview of 2011 and 2012.

Then you'll get 12 months, which you can fill in yourself, so you can start this diary whenever you want!

After that, you'll get 52 weeks, also to fill in yourself:

Close up of the tops of the pages:

After that, a whole lot of blank notes pages follow:

And at the end you can fill in your personal information:

Sadly, the website Plan D has given at the end of the planner, doesn't work, so if you're outside the Netherlands, you can't order this planner. But, if you really want one, contact me and we can arrange something! 

If you want to see bigger photos, here's my flickr set. 

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