Friday, February 3, 2012

Mission 101: Update

I haven't done a mission 101 update for a while, so here's another. I haven't done much on my list, because we've been so busy planning our wedding, and with my healthier lifestyle (and working out more), my mission 101 has faded to the background. After our wedding, I can cross another mission off my list, so that's good!

Here's what I completed recently:
2. Not log into twitter for 7 days (7/7)
28. Organise my photo collection
38. Make a budget and stick to it for 6 months
42. Go to 5 different museums (5/5)
3. Finish the 50 questions that free your mind

So far, I've completed 36 goals, failed 5. I still have 60 goals to go. I doubt I'll make the "don't shop for a month" and "don't use my creditcard for a month" goals. I also have to work on the more easier goals, because the end of mission 101 comes closer and closer!

I've read 70 books and seen 180 movies. January has been a busy week and I've only read one book and have hardly seen any movies.

I did lose some weight, in total 1.5 kg, so 15 more to go before the wedding and then 7 more. It's going quite well, as I'm living more and more healthy!

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