Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update about life

There has been a bit of radio silence on this blog, because I was one of the many people who got the flu, plus wedding stuff going on AND a new direction in my life.

Those who know me and follow my blog a bit, know how I've recently found an interest in food, healthier living, quitting sugar, and the influence of food on your life, mood etc. I'm an avid reader of Some like it raw and Sarah Wilson's blog, and I guess that's where it started. Then I read Sabine started INN, and that's got me curious. I cannot do it right now, because I have too much going on, but come June, I may start as well. In the meantime, I'm looking for books, weblogs, researches, everything and anything that's gotten to do with diets, healthy food, the relation between food & mood, anything you can think of.

So that's where you lot come in! Comment with book titles, blogs, etc that are related to any of the subjects above. Or, email me at deligtedblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you sooo much!

On a related note, I just started the program "couch to 5k", and damn it feels good to run again! I've done a 5k two years ago, without being properly trained and I found out I love running. Sadly, I had two negative experiences which made me stop running because I was (and still am) afraid to go running alone, but I've gotten a few people around me that want to start as well! So yesterday I completed day 2. Sunday, the first day, was HARD. I work out quite regularly, but running is a whole different thing. I ached all over on Monday, so I did an easy 20 minutes of spinning. Yesterday I went running again, and I feel so much better today. So I'm excited to go again on Friday. Plus I recently read that running helps with a depression. So I will have to see if that works for me.

But, so far it feels good, adjusting my diet in ways, reading a lot about food and doing stuff to make myself fel better.

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