Monday, March 5, 2012

Book review: Heat wave

My love and I are obsessed with Castle, so when we found out you can also get the books written by Richard Castle, of course we had to order them. I've just finished the first book, Heat Wave. There are three books so far, Naked Heat (Nikki Heat) and Heat Rises (Nikki Heat 3) and of course I started Naked Heat after this.

Nikki Heat is based on the character of Kate Beckett in the tv series of  "Castle". The book reads like a Castle episode, but at first I found it was hard to seperate the tv series and the book. Once you see them as different things (though inspired by each other) it's an entertaining book. The books are about a New York homicide detective, Nikki Heat and journalist Jameson Rook. Rook is writing a story about the NY police and so he has used his contacts to shadow Nikki Heat. The first book follows them on the investigation of the murder of Matthew Starr, a New York real estate tycoon. Of course, there's also the spark between Heat and Rook that we all know from Castle and Beckett, which is more flirty than Castle and Beckett.

I would certainly recommend this, even if you're not familair with the show Castle.

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