Saturday, April 28, 2012

Book review: Heat Rises

After reading the first two Castle books, I immediately started "Heat Rises".

This book starts off with Nikki Heat being insecure of her relationship with Jameson Rook and facing a strange case of a priest being murdered in a New York bondage club. She tries to find out what happened but this case is much bigger than she thinks. Some of NYPD's highest ranks are involved and that means they want to keep this case private. Nikki is suspended, but as always determined to find out what's happened. She turns to Rook and together they solve this case.

This book was a bit different than the first two, but I found it more interesting because there was such an unexpected twist. If you're a fan of Castle, I would certainly recommend this book. But if you haven't seen Castle (shame on you!), it's a fun book to read too!

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