Saturday, April 14, 2012

E-book review: Love & Sequins: Finding Happiness & Making It Stay

This is the fifth chapter in the Love & Sequins book: Finding Happiness & Making It Stay.

In this chapter, Gala talks about finding happiness, dealing with problems or difficult situations, the help of meditation to feel more calm and looking at our patterns.

Gala mentions this: "We need to really look at ourselves & get a good view of what makes us tick, so that we can start changing the things that aren't working for us any more. A fantastic place to start is to examine your patterns." Are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel like every day is the same? This chapter is a good guide to start changing your patterns.

Also one big thing Gala mentions is taking responsibility. Are you blaming other people for your mood? Don't, because YOU and only YOU are responsible for your mood. Take charge and own your life. Don't let others influence your mood.

So, if you recognise yourself in the things I mentioned, you should really read this chapter.

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