Wednesday, April 11, 2012

E-book review: Love & Sequins: A Guide To Manners For The Modern Minx

The fourth chapter in the Love & Sequins book: A Guide To Manners For The Modern Minx.

This chapter is about the first impression you make on people, tips and tricks on how to meet new people and how to keep the conversation going.

I'm an akward and shy person in real life, so meeting new people for me is a little frightening. This chapter really gave me good tips and tricks which I will certainly try out the next time I meet new people. I tend to look down, and I know looking people in the eye shows you're interested in them. I'm slowly trying to incorporate this.

Also, SMILE! I know this is hard, especially when you're in a bad mood, but this really helps. It not only helps to make you feel better, but you will get a different reaction from people when you smile.

Gala also talks about charisma, table manners and cultural differences. She also mentions mobile phones and that reminded me of me and my man. We're both so addicted to our phones that when we're eating out, we'll always whip out our phones at some point. Next time we're going out I'm so going to try and leave our phones at home!

There are things in this chapter that Gala mentions that made me think about my own behaviour (such as the mobile phone), so I think more people should read this!

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