Monday, April 2, 2012

E-book review: Love & Sequins: Learning to love yourself

I've just finished reading "Love and Sequins" part 1 - Learning to love yourself from Gala Darling.

I bought all the e-books at once, and I just noticed that they're still 50% off! So here's your chance to buy them at a price of $42 for the whole set, or $6 per chapter!

And, not only do you get them in PDF format, you will also get the MP3 of the chapter, so you can listen to it anywhere you want!

Learning to love yourself is a bit similar as the Radical Self Love bootcamp, but there are still a lot of useful tips and tricks! Even if you don't want to spend that amount of money on the bootcamp, and you still want to read more about loving yourself, you can start by reading "Learning to love yourself".

In this chapter, Gala talks about the influence that not loving yourself has on your life. Did you know people notice that you don't love yourself? You are insecure and you will show it.

Imagine yourself walking around with pink bunny ears like Gala wears. Would you walk around with an air of confidence or would you be ashamed of yourself? If your answer is the last one, maybe you should consider starting to love yourself.

Treat yourself to that beauty treatment you always wanted but never got. Write "I love you" and your name on your bathroom mirror.

For more tips and tricks, I'd certainly recommend reading "Learning to love yourself"!

Have you read the chapters from Gala? Would you buy them? Let me know!

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