Saturday, April 7, 2012

E-book review: Love & Sequins: The smart girl's guide to business

The second chapter in Love & Sequins by the lovely Gala Darling. You can expect ten more reviews coming after this one, I've read them all in only 2 days, and wanted to share them with all of you.

You can buy the whole book at once, or just buy the chapters seperately if you want to.

This chapter is called "The smart girl's guide to business" and is very useful when you want to or thinking about starting your own business.

One of the best quotes of the chapter:

"Really I think the reason people don't take steps towards living their dream is that a) they
are too afraid or blinkered by "the man" & b) they don't think they're actually good enough
to do it."

Which is so true! Do you really want to be an old lady or man and say to your grandchildren or relatives "oh I wish I would've done this or that"? If the answer is no, then start doing it! NOW!

5 years ago, I was at a turning point in my life. I was working fulltime and living with my parents. It was time to decide whether to move out, or move to the UK, which was my dream then. I decided to quit my job and take the plunge and so 5 months later, I moved to the UK. It didn't work out in the end, but it's never been a huge fail for me, because I did it. I have never regretted the decision or the time spend in the UK. Not a moment.

In this chapter, Gala writes more about how starting your own business is hard work, but also reminds us that if you love doing it, it doesn't feel like hard work at all. For me, it's a very useful guide and also an eye opener. Certainly recommend it if you want to start your own business.

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