Saturday, May 19, 2012

I quit sugar cookbook - available now!

As a huge fan of Sarah Wilson, I bought her IQS book in the pre-sale, but if you've missed that, it's available now!

This book is 109 pages thick and filled with delicious recipes and gorgeous photos. I haven't actually made any recipes out of this book, but all of them look so yummy. Don't be scared off by the title, because she may have quite sugar, Sarah Wilson shows that she hasn't quit the delicious food.

The e-book has recipes written by Gwyneth Paltrow, Maggie Beer, David Gillespie and more. The book is well written, has lots of handy tips, and the fab bit what I love is that you can print recipe shopping lists so easily!

I would certainly recommend this book, not only if you are on the IQS program, but also if you are a foodie, love natural and good food, but this book is also good for getting ideas for more delicious recipes!

If you have missed it, you can buy the 8-week I Quit Sugar e-book here, and my review is available here.

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