Thursday, May 24, 2012

New in Holland: Fashionbox

I love the blog Follow Fashion and on their blog I saw the article about Fashionbox. And I hoped it was what I thought it was..

In the USA, a similar thing is available, the Birchbox, and since I read a lot of American blogs, I was hoping something like that would be available in Holland too.

And now it is! When you sign up for only €14,95 (postage included), you will get a monthly box with 6 beauty and fashion items. It can be accessories, jewelry, magazines or discounts for webshops. You can also cancel it monthly, but I doubt you want to do that!

I am seriously excited and I immediately signed up. Sign it here, and if you like Fashionbox on Facebook, you can also win a XXL Fashionbox! They're also on Twitter!

Are you gonna order the Fashionbox?


  1. ohhh I would love to, but I'm not sure if I can miss that money every month, not knowing what I'll get! will you post about it?


    1. That's the whole surprise! It's like getting a present ;-)

      I will write about it, maybe I can convince you then!