Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taking a break

The past week I took a small break from work to just find myself again. Work has been crazy and with us doing most of our wedding together, I was just exhausted.

Today I slept 12 hours, and I finally felt like myself again, when I woke up.

So, instead of a blog post, I have some photos from the past month I wanted to share.

This month's book. I cannot stop singing "Love ain't gonna let you down" from Jamie Cullum every time I see this book.

This is how our cat, Jamie, waits for my fiancĂ© to come home. 

The view from our living room. I sure am gonna miss this view when (if ever) we move.

I swear Jamie isn't a cat. This is seriously how he's been sleeping the past few days. Crazy cat.

This is how I spend my afternoon today. Crafting and watching the Sopranos on my iPad. Loved it.

So, only three more days left of my small break. I plan to spend it sleeping, crafting and watching loads of tv. And then next week, we're back to work and doing more stuff for our wedding. But I'm excited now I know more about my life plan. I'll keep you posted. 

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