Sunday, July 1, 2012

Month in review: June

June was our wedding month, so of course we spend most of our June preparing for that. 

Dad and I did our weekly walk, but June started with bad weather. It felt like fall that day. Luckily it didn't rain, but it was stormy.  

Jamie was being his usual self and acting like a crazy cat!

The Saturday before the wedding, I baked our cupcakes. Jamie was watching over me, as usual. 

Sunday, there was football, we all dressed in orange, had a lovely meal at my parents house and watched a very bad football match.

And then of course, there was our wedding. The day started of with awful weather, it was pouring rain, but luckily when our wedding started, it stayed dry!

We spend the week after our wedding in Maastricht, what a fabulous city. 

And then this weekend. Dad took shots of me and M for our thank you card (photos to follow), and he photographed our view and me as well.

And then there was this morning. Jamie loves walking on our heaters so this was what he was doing here, too. I love his little paws <3