Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fashionbox August

The first edition of Fashionbox arrived yesterday and as promised, here is a blogpost about what was in it! 

This is the box, which closes with a magnetic strip. It looks so luxurious!

The box when it's open.

The first item: Bronze Minute from Garnier (€12,99). I doubt I'm gonna use it, because I reckon I will end up looking like Georgia Nicholson. 

The second item: Two friendship bracelets from ByGaby (€11,95 each). Very cute so I reckon those will be worn! 

The third item: 3 crack nail polishes (those were extras). I don't wear nail polish very often, but these colors look good enough to try!  

The fourth item: Lady's secret no pain heel protectors (€7,95). I will definitely try these as my heels always hurt in shoes! 

The fifth item: Ma Merlin lucky bracelet (€7,50). Looks very cute, so I will definitely wear this! 

The sixth item: Herome color card. This was an extra as well. I doubt I'll use this. 

The seventh and eight item: Grazia (€2,95) and Cosmopolitan (€4,95) magazine. I love magazines, especially Grazia and as they're always a treat for me, I love these. 

So, all in all it was definitely worth €14,95 and I cannot wait to see what's in the next Fashionbox! What do you think of this month's Fashionbox? Will you order the September one? 


  1. oooh let me know how those no pain heel things work out!
    It all looks cool!

    x Angie