Monday, August 13, 2012

Month in review: July

The first half of July was great, it was good to get some rest after the wedding, plus I got back to work again.

Mum and I went to our first sample sale, where I scored two pairs of Marc Jacobs ballet flats. Aren't they gorgeous?

We also got to meet one of Holland's most famous stylists: Dyanne Beekman. She is lovely and of course we had to get our photo taken with her!

L-R: Mum, Dyanne Beekman, me and my aunt.

The day after, the three of us went to Beadstad, which is basically a mini festival with lots of Dutch artists. We had a blast but we got home soaking wet!

I decided to give myself a birthday present, a stack of books:

Reviews to follow!

I also celebrated my birthday: I turned 30! The big 3-0! I didn't really do much for my birthday, as we just had our wedding which was a party in itself!

M and I went to Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo, which was so much fun! What a great way to spend a day at the zoo. My love for animal photography started there, I took about 100 photos, if not more! I will do a separate post for those photos as there are too many cute ones!

The second half, right after my birthday, wasn't a fun one. It started with stomach cramps on my birthday, for which I got medication prescribed. After the Zoo, I found a lump on my foot, which turned out an infected muscle. The doctor told me not to walk on it for a couple of days and gave me painkillers. Two or three days after that, I got an ear infection, which was so bad I went to the doctor at 2am. When that was gone, I got the stomach flu and spend 5 days on the loo (TMI?).

Right now, I'm thankfully doing better, with the help of lots of painkillers and fruits and vegetables. But gees, what a way to start my big 3-0 year! I hope August will be a lot more positive!


  1. Sounds like an exciting month, with some ups and downs! I hope you are feeling better and getting some time to dive into all those books! :)

    1. I'm on my fourth book, so I've made a good dent in the pile!

  2. Aww poor you, getting sick and all.

    SO jealous of those flats. They are super gorgeous and wow seriously Marc Jacobs? cool!

    I'm going to Artis soon, too! very curious to see your pics, I'm going to take loads too!