Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things I carry with me - Ray

Ray from My life all in one place was so kind to share with us what he's carry around with him!

I’m generally a light traveller, but there are five items the go most places with me.

1. Filofax Personal Holborn organiser

This won’t surprise anyone. My Filofax keeps all my information together in one place. It is a diary, a notebook and so much more.
Full details can be found in this video.

2. Kindle 3 e-reader

I never thought I would take to an e-reader. Books are and always have been a very important part of my life and I worried that giving up the sensory experience of real books would be hard. It wasn’t. The Kindle offers a superb reading experience and the ability to carry around and download instantly as many books as you like is almost magical. Nearly two years (and around 250 books) on, I’m still infatuated with this wonderful device.

 3. Apple iPhone 4

This replaced my 3GS last year. There’s little I can say about the iPhone that hasn’t been said before. I carry around in my pocket more computing power than the entire Apollo space missions. I am ruthless about cleaning out my apps, though; if I don’t use it enough it is gone. The Twitter and Facebook apps are excellent, but I wish the Blogger app was better. I have iTunes sync my podcasts to the iPhone, but not music. That goes elsewhere...

4. Apple iPod Classic 80GB

I’ve owned this a few years and wouldn’t be without it. It carries my entire music library as well as a few audiobooks. I’ve gone through several sets of headphones and earbuds, but the iPod has outlasted them all. Like the iPhone, it links to my car stereo, too.

5. Lichfield Leather ‘1642’ wallet

I am the fussiest wallet buyer in the world. I demand no stud fastening, no coin purse and only a single fold. I also need at least eight card sockets, but will not use a wallet with a clear window pocket. This one does all of that and I can’t see myself using a different wallet ever. So, those are my five essential daily companions and I’d feel incomplete without any one of them.


  1. Great post. It's always interesting to see what other people are carrying with them. Gives me inspiration to do a "what's in my bag" blog post sometime soon.

    I love the look of that wallet. I've been trying to downsize my wallet especially now that I carry my Cuban with me most of the time. Currently, I'm using a single fold money clip of sort that carries my cash and a few cards. That's working okay but have thought about how I could get by with even less!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. We share three of these items, how funny! (Holborn, Kindle, and iPhone 4) Though I very rarely carry my Kindle with me. I work at a library, and often the book(s) I choose to carry with me are library books!

    Thanks for this post. It really is interesting to see what people carry with them all the time.

  3. Just reading this now, a year on. I'm a neanderthal who has not yet tried a kindle; I continue to resist for no particular reason. I also don't use an ipod, primarily because I'm not inclined to spent hours copying my CDs to itunes.

    I'm also picky about wallets; I was given a lovely Gucci wallet in 1999 which had all the features you mention and I carried it until about a year ago when it just became to decrepit to use. Have not found a suitable replacement yet.