Monday, September 3, 2012

Month in review: August

In August I started blogging again! I love being back and that shows. I wrote several posts:
  • Count your blessings is a new item and I love ending my week on a positive note. It reminds me of all the good things. I hope you like it as much as I do. The idea comes from Anki from Zilverblauw :) Here are the CYB posts from August: 1, 2, 3
  • The product review of the "Make Time" planner was such a success that it sold out! How cool is that?  
  • This month was also the start of the Philofaxy All Stars. Imy started off with the things that are in her fabulous bag, then it was Ray's turn with the things he carries and the last post for this month was about Judith and her planner
  • I wrote a piece on the fabulous Fashion Box. I'm still wearing the bracelets and get lots of compliments on them! 
  • And I finally wrote about our day in Artis Zoo
August was the month where I spend my first two weeks hearing practically nothing in one ear. Thankfully, the ENT doctor helped me and I was fine after that. 

I spend quit some time working out again, plus I went running again! I also walked quit a lot. 

And the weather was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't stay off the balcony. 

I helped my parents prepare for their trip to Tanzania, mum and aunt are volunteering and dad's climbing the Kilimanjaro. I can't wait to hear their stories. 

I went to Rotterdam and Amsterdam for two meetings, which was fun! 

As for the blog and shop, I've got tons of ideas so keep an eye on both of them! 

How was your month? 

If you're interested, here are the monthly reviews of June and July

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  1. seems like a great month! :D

    also, I gave you the Liebster blog award! x