Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book review: Chocolate shoes and wedding blues

This book is about Tansy Pool who lives with her fiance in London. She works as a writer/illustrator and foot model. Her great-aunt lives in a small village where she has a shoe store. Her great-aunt has been trying to get Tansy to take over the store as she's getting older. Her great-aunt dies and Tansy finds out something about her fiance that makes her break up with him.

Tansy takes over the shoe store, but makes some changes. Slowly but surely, the store is a succes and her life is getting more and more like her dream life. She finds out a family secret and finds out her annoying neighbour is not so annoying after all.

The book was one in a row of three books that were about women trying to follow their dream. (Coincidence much?) It was a good read, and I certainly recommend it if you're into a light book and easy read, but don't expect too much of it!

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