Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY: ribboned frame

This is my first DIY post! I hope you all love it, I plan to do a couple more in the future!

I've seen this floating around on the internet for a while now, and I finally got around to trying it myself.

What you'll need:

  • An empty frame.
  • Ribbons a few inches/cm's longer than your frame. 
  • A stapler. We used nails and a hammer, but to make it easier (and being able to do it alone!), you're better off using a stapler. 
  • A tape measure. 
First step is to decide which ribbons you want to use. This frame was large enough to do three ribbons. We decided to do a use a bow on one of the ribbons to have a more girly effect. 

We then measured where we wanted the first ribbon to come, so we could do it as straight as possible.  

Here you can see how difficult it was using nails. We had tiny nails so it was hard to do it alone. But to make sure the ribbon didn't come off the frame if you're putting pictures or cards on it, it's best to nail or staple it to the frame. 

We then measured where the second ribbon had to go. Make sure you leave enough room between the ribbons, because you need to hang cards or photos on the ribbons. 

Fold the ribbons like this, so you won't see lose threads that are coming off if you cut the ribbon.

We used one end of the ribbon on one side and cut off the other side, this makes sure you make as much use of your ribbon as possible and nothing goes to waste! 

Measuring is the key! 

This is what it looked like when we finished it! 

We also did a second frame, which we used on it's side, and used only two ribbons. 

And this is how both the frames look like hanging up and with cards in them. 

A special thank you to my mum who's helped me with my first DIY so I could take pictures while she was doing it! 

Hope you liked this DIY!