Monday, October 22, 2012

Planning my life with a burnout

I thought I'd show you how I use my planner as a lifeline since my burnout. 

I started with my "Make time" planner but I stopped using it because I lost what I'd done and what needed to be done because I filled it to the brim. 

And so I went back to my Filofax again. I love my Personal Malden, although I'm tempted to go back into my A5 Chameleon. But not yet. 

I use the fun inserts from Hema. 

I start off with a weekly planner, in which I've only written down when I work out.

I use the weekly inserts from the Swedish sale. 

Starting from January, I'll use the inserts from Hema. 

The weekly inserts are for appointments, reminders & moods only. If it's not in my planner, I will forget about it, so I need to write down everything. Having a burnout in combination with a depression means that my head is too full and I can't remember anything. So my planner really is my lifeline. 

I use the day planners to, well, plan my days. I only do it for weekdays, because I like my weeks structured as kind of working weeks. In the weekends I tend to just go with the flow. 

In my day planners I write down my appointments for that day, my to dos (I limit myself to 3 things to do each day) and reminders (phone calls I need to make or other things that I can easily forget). 

My to do lists are separated into sections: General, Blog, Etsy and Deligted. General means things I need to remember that aren't necessarily fitted to a day. Blog means things I need to do for my blog, such as guestposts I need to write etc. Etsy means things I need to do for Etsy, such as putting new items online, translating items or little things to do. Deligted is my still to design own website and shop, which has a LOOOONG list of things to do on them. 

My notes section is really unused apart from my gratitude list. I like to add one or two items a day, but I haven't really been active. I do look at this list when I feel down. 

I then have this half diary, which is a simple 6 month diary. 

You can fill in the dates yourself so you can start this diary whenever you want. 

 There's also a weekly view.

And at the back there's lots of space for notes. 

I use this planner for my blogposts and my translating job (which is voluntary, but I still like to keep track of how much I do each month). The monthly view I use for blogposts to see what I've done and what still needs to be written. The weekly view is where I write down how many articles I've translated. 

I also keep two small Moleskines where I write down my ideas for my blog and shop in, so I don't carry these around. 


  1. Sorry you've been struggling, hang in there, I know it's tough!

  2. Where did you find the day planners? I have been looking for something like that!

    1. They're on the Filofax UK site too: