Monday, November 26, 2012

Flavourites Live! 2012

On Saturday, I went to Flavourites Live! in Amsterdam. Flavourites Live! is an event where webshops featured on Flavourites can be seen live and you can shop till you drop!

We saw all the webshops that were there and we did a workshop about positivity (more on that later) and visited the business part as well.

I said hello to one of my favorite shops (Hello, Studio Stationary!), left the day with lots of freebies and managed to stay within my budget!

This is the room where the positivity workshop was held, with amazing pumps!

This is my new favorite ring, from Charlots of Love 

This is what we went home with.. Seriously so much stuff! 

I have no idea where I got all the stuff, if I forget someone, sorry! 
The paper angel is from Studio De Winkel, I got my Mimic Copenhagen bag from Stijldepartment, my glasses necklace from Sunday Monday. I seriously saw so many shops that I don't know where I got the other stuff! I'd say check out the Flavourites Live! website (in Dutch) to check out all the shops that were there! 

It was a great day, with lots of inspiration, advice, great people and cute stuff! I can't wait for next year! 

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