Friday, November 23, 2012

Get Femke a Scholarship to the Blogcademy

Last week, I shared how it all began..

I've always wanted to do more in life, than just being a secretary or working for a boss. I took a plunge and applied to a job more than that, doing more IT-work. I found out that I am good with computers, but also with HTML.

I started to pimp my blog, trying to come up with good blogging topics and I tried to write at least a couple times a week.

Adding the webfavorites (inspired by "Things I love Thursday" from Gala Darling) each week helped me find great articles around the web that I thought you shouldn't miss.

I also joined the Philofaxy All Stars. This helped me think outside my own box, my own comfort zone and while I didn't do many guestposts, it really helped me think more on what I wanted my blog to be.

Gala Darling was still an inspiration to me, and so when she first mentioned her Radical Self Love Bootcamp, I was quick to join this. Because who wouldn't love guidance from Gala herself AND learning to love yourself more. This was my first step to finding myself and my own voice.

Through Gala Darling, I found Sarah Wilson. Although.. I loved her on Masterchef Australia, and I was amazed she was also a blogger!

Sarah Wilson can be added to my list of inspiring women. Sarah has never been afraid to speak her mind, being honest on her blog and that's what I admire in her.

Then.. Nubby Twiglet was added to my list, because her blog is not only interesting to read, but also great to look at.

In the meantime I was reading more and more blogs (I love Google Reader!) and the ladies that inspire me to write each and every blogpost are all different, but I read every one of their posts with a smile on my face.

If you want to read more blogs and haven't discovered these ladies yet.. You're missing out!

I wish I found out about Kat's blog before our wedding, but she just shows that your wedding has to be YOU and your fiance and not anyone else's wedding. Her blog is inspirational and I love her hair!!!

To be continued!

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