Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gig review: Jason Mraz @ Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

Last night, I went to see Jason Mraz at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

First off, I only know a couple of songs, but I really liked them. If you haven't heard of him (have you been living in a hole?!) check out his videos here.

I can't do a setlist review as I know his songs when I hear them, but have no clue what they're called.

For photos, check out this website. Because we were sitting, we were actually quit far from the stage, but that didn't really matter at the Ziggo Dome. Close your eyes and damn, it feels like Jason was serenading me from the seat next to me. The sound there is AMAZING. It blew me away, quite literally, at times.

Jason also let all his musicians get their five seconds of fame, which was amazing. The girl who sang, played violin and mandolin, damn, if only I had the talent of her pinkie, I'd be happy.

Of course he did his 4 most famous songs, Lucky (normally featuring Colbie Caillat, but live it was the lady with the many talents), I'm yours, You fckn did it and I won't give up.  I was waiting for the last one, because I LOVE that song, and Jason had me really waiting, because it was his last song! But it was well worth it.

I do hate the fact that people tend to talk during gigs. I don't mind as much during the louder songs, but when someone's singing his heart out with only a guitar backing him, I would like to hear more of the singing and less of the talking. Must've been the "I came with daddy" girls who left right after "I'm yours" because that's the only song they came to hear.

But I certainly didn't let the ladies spoil the fun, because if I wasn't a fan of Jason Mraz before this gig, I certainly am now. His voice is amazing, his humor is good and damn, he is quite good-looking too!

We left with a t-shirt saying "You Fckn Did It" and with love in our hearts!

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