Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Product review: Trip tip sticky notes

Most of you know I'm a sucker for sticky notes and postits.. 

When I saw these on What's in a Bag I knew I had to have them! 

This is how it looks on the front when they're still in their packaging. 

The back  of the packaging:

It folds up to a little booklet (so cute!). 

 And this is how it looks when you put them in your diary:

You can easily write on them! 

I also got this

It's basically a luggage label but then in a sticker form!  

The tape dispenser helps so you can cut it off at any length you want. 

Also easy to write on them. 

Oh my dear! These are fab! Both products look great in my new Moleskine (one planner pledge!)! 

I really want the other products of the Trip Tip line! 

Small letters: I got send the sticky notes for free but the luggage sticky roll I paid for. I use and love both products equally.  

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