Sunday, January 6, 2013

Count your blessings

It's been a while since my last Count Your Blessings! 

M & I spend our NYE together. I got some Christmas crackers, which of course called for some photo opportunities. I still think it's a miracle we got some great looking wedding pictures, as we cannot take a serious photo together. 

I loved "Welcome to the Cupcake cafe" from Jenny Colgan, so I had to get this book. I started it on Tuesday, but I haven't read much in it. 

Getting back into a routine again, means getting up early. And this means, sunsets! Gorgeous views! 

I did this when I was bored. Seriously a lot of work (2hrs) but it looks so dang cute! 

And M send me this picture the other day and it still makes me laugh so much.

Hope your week was fab too!

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  1. I appear to be ging to an appreciation phase of ridiculous animal pictures so I'll admit, the dork that I am, I did indeed snort at the seal picture...

  2. That seal is awesome - ha ha ha!!!