Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking back on 2012

Happy new year! Hope you had a fab NYE, wherever you were.

We stayed in, as always and watched the fireworks from our living room window with gorgeous views!

As always, I spend the last days of 2012 looking back on the year. It's been a strange year!

On my blog, I've grown so much. Going through all the posts of 2012, I saw that in the beginning of 2012, I mainly did reviews.

In May, I opened up my Etsy shop. For 2013, I hope to make it a successful one and I've got many ideas to add more items, so keep an eye out on this blog!

In June, we got married! That took up a lot of my time the first half of the year. It was something I thought I'd never do, but it turned out to be amazing.

I also started to write more posts from my own point of view. I'm still working on finding my voice, but I've grown so much over the year already!

In July, I took a blogging break. That was the best thing I could do at that point, and I'm glad I did.

In August, I started with the Count Your Blessings series, where I look back on the week. It's a great reminder to see what good there is in my life and it's helped me through the tough days.

I also joined the Philofaxy All Stars, which was great! I wrote guest posts and received some great guest posts in return.

September was a hard month. I got diagnosed with a burnout and I was out of a job in October.

October was also the month I started with a new feature, "What I wanna know Wednesday". I love this so much and hope to continue this for quite some time. Contact me if you want to join!

November was the month the Blogcademy released their London dates and with it, an opportunity for a scholarship. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but I did enjoy writing the posts about it. It was nice to look back on the journey and where blogging got me!

December was a quiet month. I haven't been writing much, apart from the standard weekly posts. That was because I started a course to get more assertive. That was hard but also so good for me. I'm glad I got the chance to do it.

And now, January 2013. My blogging break for the holidays was great, but I'm itching to start blogging again! I've got some great things lined up, so I hope you keep reading my blog in 2013!

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