Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My 2013 planner set up

Last time I wrote about my planners, I was using my Filofax to plan my life. But then I got annoyed with it, and bought a Moleskine. That was until I won the Plannersims planner!

I vowed to use only one planner this year, but dang it. I'm lusting over the Plum Osterley. I just think it's too expensive right now.

Anyways, on to my planner set up for 2013.

All stacked with a book elastic from Hema:

First off, my Simplanner. This is a monthly planner from Studio Stationery. You fill in the dates yourself, so it can start any time you want. It has 13 months and then lots of room for notes in the back. 

This is what a month looks like. 

I use this to plan my blog posts, keep track of my translation job and my Etsy shop

I've gotten this idea from Onigiri Sama, who wrote about her sidekick notebook. It sounds so easy, but it's been a blessing for me. One thing I've always done is overthink things. Plus my head is filled with stuff I need to remember or just need to do at some point. I now write them down in my Moleskine cahier, and once a day I go through the list to see what needs to be put on my to do list. It's gotten a lot calmer in my head, I can tell you that! 

Next up is my Plannerisms planner! This is perfect. I love it so much! 

When I open it, there's the sticky pockets from Hema (I LOVE THEM!!) and a signed photo of Robert Pattinson. Always a good thing to see when I open my planner. 

The Mark Twain quote that Laurie added to the planner and a horoscope that I found fitting for my current position. 

This is a monthly view. I use green washi tape to mark my appointments. I had to blur them due to privacy, but you get the gist ;) 

The weekly planner. 

I use the top area for appointments, the middle for to do's and the bottom area for weekly's. I mark the things I've done. 

On the bottom of the pages I write down goals that aren't really planned for a specific time that week. 

I then have my Moleskine. It's the ruled Hobbit edition (one Moleskine to rule my life!). 

This is what a day looks like: 

I write down a whole day with hours, make a to do list and write down my appointments for the day. Depending on my appointments, I schedule my to do's in as well. 

So this is it! It has really worked for me the past three weeks (I started using this before my Plannerisms planner started) and I hope I can stick to it! 


  1. As much as I love my Filofax I can´t help feeling that I spend more time thinking about how I want it to work than actually working it. This looks like a great system you have going here :-)

    1. Yeah I came to the same conclusion last year. This works so well for me, but who knows, it may change again!

  2. Book elastic and sticky pockets from HEMA?! Wait a minute, how can I not know about this? Where exactly can I find them?????

    1. They're available at the school & office section at the Hema stores. As far as I could see, not available online. Lots of masking tape as well!

  3. Only now am I reading this post! Thank you so much for linking to my blog, I am so happy I could get you inspired! Like you said, one notebook does make one's head calmer. :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. It's such a simple thing but it really helps me!

      Thanks, you too!