Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My beauty products

I thought it'd be fun to share my beauty products because I'm always curious to see what other people use! 

My hair. 

I have curly hair (though lately I've been wearing it in a bun) and that means high maintenance!

I wash my hair with Dove shampoo most of the time. I'm not using a specific one, just those that are available/on sale. For now I'm using the nourishing oil care because of the cold weather. My hair gets really frizzy, sadly. 

After washing, I put the frizz ease hair serum from John Frieda in my hair. This is a perfect product for my frizzy hair. 

Once a week, I use Retread from Lush as a mask, which helps soften and unfrizz my hair! 

My body. 

I wash my body with a shower cream because I have such dry skin in the winter! This time it's from Fa, but I tend to change brands a lot. 

After my shower, I moisturize with Dove. This one has added shea butter, which really helps fighting off my dry skin.

My face. 

For washing and scrubbing my face, I use these products from Hema. They are perfect for a sensitive skin. I use the scrub once a week.

I use argan oil once a week for cleaning my face and hydrating it. I put quite a lot of oil on my face, then let it sit for a couple of minutes. I take a wash cloth and hold that under lukewarm water. I put it on my face for just a minute and then wipe off the argan oil. This is perfect for the winter. It really gives my face a healthy look. 

For moisturizing, I use Celestial from Lush. I used to use Ultra balm, but sadly they don't sell that anymore. Celestial is perfect for a dry, reddish skin. 

Make up.

This is what I put on my face when I do put on make up (mind you, I hardly wear make up!). Mascara from Hema (and I use an eyelash curler, this is perfect when you're wearing glasses! Would certainly recommend everyone to get one!), a BB cream from Garnier and a lipbalm from Blistex (or whatever's near me). 

I take my make up off with Avon eye make up remover and just your general facial cleansing wipes. 

I hope you liked reading about my beauty products! 

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