Monday, January 28, 2013

My planner week

For the coming month, I decided to show you my planner. Each Monday, I will upload photos of the past week. If I like it, I may continue doing so! 

And of course, all the credit for this idea, goes to Angela from Paper Lovestory

First, the overview. I had to edit a few things, but overall, not too much. I got the weather stamps from the lovely Studio Stationery. I finally bought them after wanting them for ages! I use them with pink ink, because I'm a fan on pink (in case you didn't know!). I'm mad about masking tape too! 

The first half of the week I was doing well with my to do list, but then I got sick. 

And as you can see, I had to cancel my appointments, plus the snow got in the way too! 

I hope you liked my week! Next week there'll be something else.. Check back and see for yourself!

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