Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our house

Lately, I've made some small changes to our house.

We bought a new couch (which we're anxiously waiting on to be ready!!), and that's made me think of the things I would like to do to make the house feel more like our house.

I bought the house in September 2008, and I met M in June 2009. He came to live with me in October 2009 because of his knee surgery, but officially moved in in April 2010. Since then, we've learned how difficult it can be to make one household out of two.

We had to go through all of our stuff to make sure we don't have two sets of pots, pans etc, but since we live in a 1 bedroom flat, it's also a small space for two collectors! We're both movie lovers, so we have a LOT of dvd's, M is a gamer so he not only has many games but also consoles! And I'm a crafter and we're both shopaholics, so we need space for all of this. Plus it was a typical girl lives alone house, with a bright pink wall (it still is!), so I wanted to make M feel at home too.

Today, I bring you three of the things we added to our house!

First off, my mum made us this sign, which says "happiness" in Dutch, for our wedding and we just got around to hanging it.


You can also see our weekly dinner menu (which I haven't updated yet!), two photos of my nan, a card with a cute quote on it, my medal I got for the 5k I did and a clipping of one of my favorite politicians. 

I didn't know where to put all the Christmas cards, so I made a Christmas tree out of washi tape on our door and hung our cards on it.


And lastly, I got this fabulous card holder from Hema! I've recently started postcrossing again, and I wanted to do something with the cards. I also added two cards from VT Wonen, plus a picture of me and M at the Zaanse Schans, a picture of my dad on top of the Kilimanjaro and a card of my hero, Dalai Lama.


I can't wait for our couch to get here, so I can make some more changes to our house!

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