Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My favorite webshops

I do a lot of shopping, but I also do a lot of shopping online.

And so, without further ado, my favorite webshops. Mind you, most of them are in Dutch, but I'm sure the lovely ladies will help you if you contact them.

It all started with.. Net-A-Porter.

Around two years ago, I bought my first Marc Jacobs bag and I decided on Net-A-Porter because they were then the only ones selling (and shipping) Marc Jacobs to the Netherlands. I still can remember how it was packed, because it was a huge Net-A-Porter box, there was wrapping paper and my bag was in a dust bag (that's still how I store it!). It really was a treat to unpack. I've bought a second Marc Jacobs bag from them when they were having their sale and their service is really fabulous.

I've always been addicted to Stationery. And then I found Studio Stationery.

Oh my dear lord. I cannot go to the website without ordering anything!! Anke has everything you'd want, cute iPhone cases, pencil cases, pens, post its, planners, stickers, stamps, you name it, she has it.

When you order from her, she mails it like you're sending yourself a present. Always packed in cute little bags with fabulous masking tape.

From Studio Stationery to Winkel van Papier. Danielle has a shop with everything to do with paper. From wrapping paper to envelop templates, from notebooks to gorgeous letter writing sets.

As well as Studio Stationery, my orders from Winkel van Papier have always been wrapped beautifully and I love ordering as it's delivered really quickly! She even ships abroad!

What's in a bag is a different shop. Natascha has everything you need to carry in your bag (plus also bags to carry all that beautiful stuff in). From toiletry bags, to overnight bags, from planners to penholders, from post its (see a review of her products here and here) to pens, it's all available in her shop.

Vlinders in je buik is a shop with items to wrap all your gifts. From wrapping paper to masking tape, from stickers to ribbon, you can buy it there. I've ordered "only" twice from Corina, but each order is wrapped beautifully and shipped quite soon after your order.

Last, but certainly not least, Buiten de Lijntjes. All credit for finding this shop goes to my mum, who wrote the shop down from reading about it in Flow Magazine.  They have an online store, but also a physical shop and as I wrote in last week's Count Your Blessings, we went to visit Hennie (one of the owners) in the shop and spend the afternoon there. They have a great Donna Wilson collection, but also lots of paper goodies (Midori paperclips!!), wrapping paper (from Rie Elisa Larsen), washi tape and more. Hennie was a great host and wrapped our stuff in cute little bags and wrapping paper. A true present!

I hope you visit the shops of these wonderful ladies and maybe even buy some stuff!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this post. This post is written because I love these shops and they have fabulous stuff! 

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