Monday, February 4, 2013

My planner week #2

As you could've read in last week's post, I switched planners. Whoops. 

I'm back into my personal Filofax Crimson Malden! For the last week, I've used a combination of Hema inserts and my own inserts, which will be fully shown in next week's post. 

This is an overview of last week. I added washi tape to make it more colorful. As you can see, I missed the weather stamps in the second half of the week. 

I spend Monday making the custom inserts (that took me a couple of hours to make a year's worth!). 

I had to use paint for this photo because iPhoto messed up :( sorry for that! 

Being back into my Filofax doesn't mean I'm not using the Plannerisms planner! I'm currently using it for goal planning and I love it! Perfect for that!


  1. Je bent toch maar weer terug naar het oude vertrouwde. ;) Gebruik je nu alleen de Filofax voor al je afspraken of gebruik je nog gedeeltelijk de agenda set up van begin 2013?

    1. Haha ja erg he? Ik gebruik de filofax voor mijn afspraken, de plannerisms planner voor goal planning en dan nog de simplanner voor blogplanning! Dus eigenlijk is alleen de filofax erbij gekomen :)