Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I wanna know Wednesday

For this week's What I wanna know Wednesday, Leslie is answering the questions! 

What is your name? 
Leslie Jenkins

What’s the link to your blog?

Why do you blog?
I blog to share with others my life and to share great products to have in their life.

What’s always in your fridge/cupboard? 
Cheese. On thing about me is I love cheese! I really don't know why, but it is one of my favorite foods.

What is the last book you’ve read? 
My Bible. I love to read my devotional and my Bible. I try to read it every night.

If you have a million dollars/pounds/euros, what would you spend it on? 
Buying my Mother and Father a house. The have done so much for me and I would love to get them their dream house at Holden Beach, NC.

What are you proudest of? 
I am proud of my life. I have tried to live it to the fullest and show love to everyone I come in contact with.

Do you have any hidden talents? 
I play the drums. It is not really a hidden talent. A few people know about it. I hope to be in a Christian band one day so it won't be hidden any longer.

Thank you, Leslie, for your answers! 

If you want to join in for "What I wanna know Wednesday", please let me know! 

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