Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorites

This is quite the blogging version of Friday Favorites, but still some goodies! Hope you like them.

But, before you read on, maybe you've missed it but google reader will no longer be after July 1st, 2013. I'm gutted but I have already found a replacement: Feedly. I am in love with the graphics and just the whole feel of it.

But you can also find me on Bloglovin if that's where you've moved!

And now onto the links!

Oh man, I love cats so much.

From here.

Have you ever read this blog? About the morning routines from famous people. I love it!

Since I'm just starting, I found this post very helpful. Just work harder than anyone else and you'll make it. I like it!

Kat has written a post on how she makes money from her blog, which I really love.

If you're an aspiring writer, this is fabulous. Stephen King gives tips on using adverbs.

Do you use a blog calendar? I do and so does Shauna!

And last but not least, another great post from Gala Darling in her "Blog on, babe!" series.

Enjoy the links!

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